Please stop trying to find your passion

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When it comes to fight out what you want to do with your life or with what you're doing, one of the most common tips that surround is:

"Just follow your paper!"

It's a word, "power" over and over again, and we're only being told that we just need to find what we have ...

We should no longer be tired of weary, unfilled work in factories like our grandmothers and grandmothers should have done-no, this is now, and you can start a business, making superheroes for dogs, while you are dictate about it ...

or can you? Is there a passion for this? And it's really so easy to understand what your session is?

My answer to this question is loudpeaker.

"Follow your paper."

I don't know about you, but I'm not groovy, and for most of my life, I would be very persistent to tell you what my view was if you asked me. I just had no idea. This is a problem for many people:

  • Or they simply can't define anything in their life as a "passion."
  • Fortably, there are better tips that can be used. Cal Newport, the author of a Fantastic book called.

    "Choose something that you are interested in and just work as hard as you can in it."

    You weren't born to do one particular case, you were born with.

  • Learning new skills.
  • Experience.
  • In fact, your brain needs a lot of good entrances and exits to establish yourself on the right track. Just sitting and thinking about something wouldn't help ...In the book I just mentioned, Newport talks about a concept in a scientific community called.

    If you represent all of our collective science knowledge as an average-gurowing boudle, the Neighborhood is an outsider that burble-and this is where almost all new discoveries are made ...

    As we make more discoveries, the bad is growing, and it makes this area of opportunity. At

    "A strange and beautiful truth about the adjacent, it is possible that its boundaries are growing them."

    That's how you can find the work you love. As you continue to learn and do more and work with new people, you will encounter new opportunities and opportunities that have not been there earlier ...

    In addition, if you reach the goal, when you reach the end, when you reach the level of power and please, we will pay special attention to the development of skills and experience.Dip is the point in which you become a skill.

    At first, everything starts to have fun, interest in the subject hold you, and you can quite and easy catch a low funit. Soon, although progress is so easy, the initial novelty of the chase is ...

    To give an example, novice novice really do a lot progress on the elevators at an early stage. Rescuers call it.

    Quite soon, however, the major of rescuers hit a plateau, where they win the low way down or even stop even though they beat the gym as regularly as they used to. This is a Dip for limfeuillers, and it requires a couple of things to push through:

  • More intelligent learning take into account the additional recovery time needed to improve performance.
  • It's the same for any skill you're chatting. After the gambling and the lungs were defeated, you should become more familiar with the development of skills and the most important thing is

    This is because once you move through the dip and begin to achy true objects, things usually start to get much more fun and fun.

  • at this time.You have learned enough skills that you can start to create and do what is really better than what most other people can do.
  • You have enough experience and work under your belt, which people.
  • It was my experience, and I can tell you that I am certainly not alone in my condition that the skill and experience far exceeded the attacks to find your session ...

    Mark Kuban, billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks, wrote.

    " Let me make this as clear as possible:

    1. When you work hard on something that you are doing good at this ...

    2. When you are good enough to do something, you will enjoy it more ...

    3. When you are enjoying something, there is a very good chance that you will become some assistant or more passet.

    4. When you are good at something, peson and work harder to care and be the best in it, good things happen. "

    So stop trying to find your session through introversion or quiz Buzzfeed or whatever. Find out what interest you have, which has the potential to be used to others, and to continue it with all the cover preparation you can mind. Good luck ...

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